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23 January 2011 @ 03:58 pm
Kuroshitsuji 53 update.  
It's pretty funny towards the end.
 The new guy is funny as heck. I started cracking up in bed ♥
.. since I was reading on my laptop so I would be in bed cracking up..

Snake haha.. Oscar just made the ending funny.

"There's more over there, Says Oscar."


Aurora Society is pain in the butt...

No KHR update, Naruto update was touching, Bleach was ehh.. could've been better in a way, and Bakuman just got more incredible.

Skip Beat was.. shoujo mushiness as well. Kimi No Todoke was.. ermm.. "awww" worthy.

I'm not sure about New Prince of Tennis since I didn't see an update and I've been busy for the last two weekends.. I think it was the one where Atobe won? Ore-sama is amazing = o=..

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